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Is Hong Kong better than Singapore?
譯者:laenseloe     發布時間:2013-06-30     超過 0 位網友閱讀



I refer to the article “Memo to CY, Singapore isn’t better off” by Jake van der Kamp (South China Morning Post, Jun 12).
我看了那篇文獻“共青團(?)備忘錄,新加坡并不是更好的”,撰寫自Jake van der Kamp(南華早報,6月12日)
Negative net income balance?
It states that “Singapore’s net income balance has been negative to the tune of an average of 5 per cent of GDP for the past 10 years. That big trade surplus, a third of GDP, is not doing much at all to help make Singaporeans wealthier”.
This may be a contributing factor to help explain why many Singaporeans may be struggling to make ends meet. For example, real median wages have been negative for 2008, 2009, just an increase of 0.5 per cent in 2010, and – 0.8 per cent again last year.
Low private consumption expenditure?
“the Hong Kong system gives its people 65 per cent of their economic effort to spend on themselves (private consumption expenditure). The Singapore system gives its people barely half of that and the figure has been getting steadily worse”
“personal consumption expenditure per employed person. Hong Kong maintains a steady lead over Singapore”
Low public spending on services?
Some of the possible reasons for the above comparative data between Singapore and Hong Kong, may be that Singapore’s public spending as a percentage of GDP on Healthcare at 1.6 per cent, and Education as a percentage of GNI at 3 per cent, have been one of the lowest in the world. (Source: “The Different Sovereign Wealth Funds and Their Implications” by Professor Christopher Balding – [url]http://www.baldingsworld.com/2012/06/11/the-different-sovereign-wealth-funds-and-their-implications/[/url])
Low public spending on healthcare and education, may mean that there has been higher private spending by Singaporeans. Thus, perhaps this may be a contributing factor to lower private consumption expenditure, which is kind of like the ordinary people’s spending power.
It’s like the less the Government spends on public services, the more the people have to spend out of their own pockets.
Competition from foreign labour?
“If you ever thought Hong Kong people foist their dirty work on foreign labour you can ease your conscience by looking at Singapore, where about 36 per cent is non-resident”
This liberal foreign labour policy may be another contributing factor to the hardship of Singaporeans, by way of competition for jobs, lower pay, etc.

It's a REAL, REAL World:
June 18, 2012 at 10:42 pm  It's a REAL, REAL World(Quote)
Certainly HK can be better than Spore. Money saved to used elsewhere.
(1) It has a very wealthy & powerful HINTERLAND and next door, China, that supplies all her water, energy and fresh food, etc.
(2) It doesnt have to spend a cent on defence (taken care of by the PLA).
(3) The people are bilingual (former colony of the UK like Spore).
(4) Its education standard is on par with Spore (if not better) – HK University ranks 21st in the World University Rankings 2010-2011.
Spore has no hinterland, no size (no economies of scale), insufficient potable water, no mineral resources, etc.
However, Spore has one very GREAT asset – Government.
(1) She is able to support & maintain a 3G Defence Force.
(2) She is able to provide some safety net in the CPF (unlike HK where everyone is for himself).
(3) She is able to house 80% of its ordinary citizens in state subsidied HDB flats whilst the wealthy lives in private property.
Spore is all alone and has no one to turn to in any global downturn. Her hard-earned reserves are the only asset to check costly imports via the strongly backed S$ and fund wages in bad times.

Apocalypse 2012:
June 18, 2012 at 11:13 pm  Apocalypse 2012(Quote)
I have emailed to TRE some days ago the full newspaper cutting of this article which appeared in the SCMP.
Wondering why TRE never published it IN FULL here instead.
Mod: we have emailed SCMP for permission to republish. Have yet to receive a reply.

Of course Hong Kong is better:
June 18, 2012 at 11:33 pm  Of course Hong Kong is better(Quote)
Hong Kong is better than Singapore because there is openness, transparency and accountability in the public sector. It is also not a police state like Singapore. Hong Kong is not run by a bunch of ex-military morons like Singapore.

June 18, 2012 at 11:44 pm  JackSheet(Quote)
Bloody moron! Do you think Hong Kong gets everything from China for free? Did you think China has been supporting Hong Kong for hundreds of years? 
Stop lying to people you scum faced liar!
Hong Kong and its people are doing well because they do not have a government that takes every opportunity or creates new one from which to earn itself a penny, at the expense of its people.
Low and middle income Singaporeans pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the government, way above the cost of building a public housing home. This reduces the spending of Singaporeans that could have been used to boost their economy.
Education and healthcare are necessities and the Singapore government spends one of the least in terms of GDP in the world. THerefore, Singaporeans have to spend a lot of their own money for such expenditure. This again reduces their ability to spend in the local economy.
The Singapore PAP government is a fascist government that reduces union  s to a government machinery, rewards itself greatly at the expense of the country’s coffers, controls almost all forms of mass media, judiciary and public appointments. They control no less than 65% of the economy through various companies that stifle competition. They control all forms of monopoly in the economy and reward their fellow fascists greatly at the expense of the country. Oftentimes, incompetent individuals are placed in positions where they have absolutely no experience nor educational background.

June 19, 2012 at 1:10 am  sporean(Quote)
Why must compare with HK?
It is another joke.
Highest income gap in the world, lowest birthrate.
Although Spore is a close 2nd.

June 19, 2012 at 1:36 am  Merlion(Quote)
@It’s a REAL, REAL World
1) Before returning to PRC in 1997, HK was already doing very well compared to SG. After that, the progressing large cities in PRC are more of an economic threat than help to HK. More HKers are going over to PRC to look for jobs.
2) The free-wheeling society in HK is also more attractive to real foreign talents than SG. SG only gets a few real FTs but loads of average Joe and Jane foreign workers to depress, replace and displace SG PMETs based on cheaper labour cost.
3) In addition, the entreprenuerial spirit of HongKongers are stronger than SG’s. In contrast, SG state owns stakes in firms that comprise perhaps 60% of the GDP through entities such as the sovereign wealth fund Temasek killing small entreprenuers.
4) CPF is worker’s money, forced to be locked away and used by the state in a non-transprent manner — not a safety net provided by the government.
5) SG is blessed geographically as an entrepot for a start, not solely human effort.

June 19, 2012 at 1:39 am  Merlion(Quote)
@It’s a REAL, REAL World
6) SG Defense spending provides opportunities for jobs and commercial spin-off that HK doesn’t enjoy. SG spends too much on military hardware and too little on NSmen.
7) HDB “subsidy” is market price subsidy (state land price + building cost + profit). HDB flats could have been much cheaper if it’s not a market price subsidy. Many wouldn’t have to struggle their whole life just to pay the unit. SG’s Public housing spending is to low.
Fully agreed with the article, SG’s education & healthcare spending is also too low stripping of personal consumption power, and added hardship with influx of foreign workers.
9) SG is not alone, there are IMF, World Bank etc. Many Asian countries used their help during the Asian Financial crisis. It is a fear propaganda by the PAP.
7)組屋“ 補貼”是市場價補貼(國土價格+建筑成本+利潤)。組屋公寓如果不按市場價來的話可以便宜得多。很多人就不用奮斗一輩子來買房了。新加坡的公共住房支出太低了。

June 19, 2012 at 1:42 am  LIONS(Quote)
HONESTLY,hk IS MORE ATRRACTIVE than SG in some ways but i really cannot be bothered!
all i want sgporeans to realsie is IS present-day SG better than just a LOS DECADE ago?
are there more sgporeans getting GAINFULLY EMPLOYED venas the gahmen promised that they will only welocme fTS WHO WILL CREATE JOBS FOR SGPOREANS?
HOW MANY poor sgporeans have gone up the ladder to the middle-income or higher comapred to how MANY middle-income being relegated to the NEW POOR in last ten years or so?
we do not need them to fulfill their promise of SWISS STANDARD for all sgporeans but we hope we can be allowedto MAINTIAN our SG STANDARDS OF YESTERYEARS.
SO,isn;t it a FALLCAY that HIGH GDP is GOOD FOR ALL SGPOREANS whne it is only good for the FEW GOOD MEN themselves.
GOOD MEN,indeed and a handful of GOOD WOMEN,i presume?

My GrandMOTHER's Road !:
June 19, 2012 at 3:06 am  My GrandMOTHER's Road !(Quote)
But bear in mind that HK is given only 50 years to be run as a SAR.
After that it will be wholly run and administrated by china in FULL COMMUNISM RULE. No one will know what will really happen then.
Good luck to HK and her people.

June 19, 2012 at 3:19 am  eremarf(Quote)
“Singapore’s public spending as a percentage of GDP on Healthcare at 1.6 per cent, and Education as a percentage of GNI at 3 per cent, have been one of the lowest in the world.”
I say a lot of times already when I was a teacher…. not enough resources. You can see how many parents turn to tuition – because seriously – it’s impossible to teach 40 students as well as 20 students as well as 5 students. How many people go for tuition in groups of 40?
But MOE thinks they damn steady – “Wah! We spend so little money, but out maths and science results best in the world! Let’s promote everyone and give out bonuses!”

Wrong lor – our students only good at scoring in exams – when it comes to the workplace – they’re probably only average compared to the rest of the world. This is the invisible failure of our education system that MOE never has to account for.

Apolitical Observer:
June 19, 2012 at 8:53 am  Apolitical Observer(Quote)
It is well known that Jake van der Kamp has a massive chip on his shoulder with regards to Singapore. Even though he is a foreigner, he thinks like a typical Hongkie and hates us with a passion. Just refer to the various commentaries he has written about us over the years.
Sorry but using him to criticise my own Singapore is akin to helping foreigners attack us. I really would not take him seriously.
眾所周知,Jake van der Kamp 一向對新加坡很有偏見。雖然是個外國人,但他卻總以地道香港人的視角去思考,去樂此不疲地仇視我們。只要去看看他這些年來所寫的評論就知道了。

Doomed !:
June 19, 2012 at 9:28 am  Doomed !(Quote)

June 19, 2012 at 10:00 am  TPK(Quote)
Hong Kong medical cost is very much lower than Singapore. SGD 20 will allow a subsidized patient to receive specialist treatment that include consultation, medication, X-Ray, blood test, etc. In Singapore, for SGD20, a subsidized patient cannot even see the face of the specialist. The total bill that includes consultation, medication, X-Ray and blood test could easily cost a few hundred dollar. But our very thick-skinned PAP government can still claim that we are heavily subsidized! In addition, in Hong Kong, all the hospital wards are air conditioned to provide comfort to patient due to it’s hot weather. Especially in the case of those patients who have undergone surgery, air-conditioned room will keep the wound dry and make it easier for the wound to heal, in addition to make it comfortable for the patient. But in the case of Singapore, this heartless PAP government, despite claiming taking good care of the citizen, thinks that it is alright for a patient if he/she doesn’t has the money!

June 19, 2012 at 10:08 am  RDB(Quote)
And so GET REAL @It’s a REAL, REAL World: June 18, 2012 at 10:42 pm (Quote),
As aren’t one of those superficial ones who will not count yourself as a RESOURSE to suck in all the bluffs & paronoid of thee old geeza LKYism & his cronies in PAP and also all those privatized statutory boards as GLCs & their purchased medium enterprised with YOURS & OUR money! Aren’t ALL ESSENTIAL SERVICES now in private hands and or manned by their cronies!
Now, are you not suffering from amnesia? where was HK’s hinterland before 1987 when the Brits were there to benefit from Hong Kongers? And did not the PRC govt declare “A one countries two system” with HK?
And of Sg in dire dangers of being obliterated. Read what I said in TREmeritus before?…
1. Ex-Malaysians are even ministers here!
2. Malaysians are in great numbers here. Some as PRs due only to paper certs paper-tigers PAP love! Even married to Singaporeans!
3. Many Indonesian wealthy and their govt leaders park their money in Sg banks and own PRIVATE properties, even HI-END properties here!
4. Brunei a small rich nation aalso has $ tied to Sing $ and park much money in Sg banks!
5. East Malaysia Kalimantan Sarawak has not ambitions to attack Sg for obvious reasons!
6. Thailand has no political reason to attack Sg too!
7. Myanmar got enough of their own troubles and go democratic now!
8. Vietnam is most remote to want Sg.
NOW… give US REAL WORLD REASON ON who wants to destroy our INFRASTRUSTURES with 1 or 2 bombs to own SG!
1. 以前的馬來西亞人都做到這兒的部長了!
2. 這里有大量的馬來西亞人。一些是永久居民,只因為紙老虎人民行動黨喜歡這樣!
3. 很多印尼人都很富有,他們的政府把錢投在了新加坡銀行里,并在這里擁有私產,甚至是高端私產!
4. 文萊是一個小型富國,也和新加坡捆綁在一起,并把錢投在新加坡銀行里!
5. 東馬來西亞的加里曼丹沙越并無明顯理由有攻擊新加坡的野心。
6. 泰國也沒有攻擊新加坡的政治原因!
7. 緬甸自己的麻煩就夠多的了,并且現在也走向民主了!
8. 越南離新加坡太遠了。

June 19, 2012 at 12:37 pm  henpecked(Quote)
You bet, of course HK is better, at least the transport system is way better and efficient, the SAR is much more democratic in thinking, shame on Singapore, or rather our dated Govt.

TOXIC PAP Doom in 2016:
June 19, 2012 at 1:59 pm  TOXIC PAP Doom in 2016(Quote)
HKG in the 70s 80s were ‘watch-makers’ of the world besides the Swiss – what Singapore? Make clocks, yes cuckoo clocks and grandfather clocks!!!!
HK in the 80s exported jumbo-plane loads of Cabbage Patch kids – Singapore? PAP chose simple brainless ways of inviting MNCs to ‘teach Singaporeans how to fuck, but PAP fcccked Singaporeans.
HK movie industry? 1st class champs.. Singapore PAP hollywood oscars winners every year !!!
HK? Last week bought the London Metal Exchange – SGX fccccked reeling from China IPOs scandals, SGX spent more time in issuing threats and lawyer letters, compliance letters !!!!
HK? Speak Cantonese, yet still CAN CONQUER the BUSINESS world. Singapore ? SCREWED up for years to speak Mandarin ONLY TO COZY UP to the LARGEST COMMUNIST PARTY in the World !!!!
HK ? – Minibonds CRISIS protected investors. SGP? MAS screwed investors WASH HANDS !!!!

June 19, 2012 at 2:37 pm  eugene(Quote)
The pursuit for efficiency and return on investment is relentless.
And it should be.
But the issue here is not that. It is the manner and method of pursuing it. Currently no MBA from Harvard has the brains to pursue all this except for the very simplistic way: CUT COSTS.
It is the one and only approach. Zero idea on other ways.
They also forget about systems. If the system is not properly mapped out or designed, cutting costs will hurt other areas.
This is what has happened to the education of our kids. WE teach how to ace an exam… that is efficient.
But we lose the real learning.. that is a cost
A cost that can only be accounted much later in time… like now.
We lose out on innovative ideas… so being efficient, we approach it with great efficiency… we hire foreign talent.
We too can play the same approach with the Gov and the political parties.. we vote them out

HK more open:
June 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm  HK more open(Quote)
HK can afford to pay more for social welfare because it pays its ministers only a very small fraction of what Singapore does. It also does not siphon off any budget excess to any sovereign wealth fund. Instead any budget excess at the end of each year is redistributed among the people in a very open and transparent way. For example, last year they had a huge budget excess, and so every man, woman and child gets HK$6000 which is directly credited to their nominated bank accounts.
Apart from the HK$6000, every household also gets free of charge the first chunk (7.5 cu.m. per month) of potable water. Any usage in excess of this free chunk will still have to be paid. Furthermore, all senior citizens and school children get heavily subsidized public transport at only HK$2 per trip. Medical expenses in all government hospitals are also capped at only HK$100 per illness. Unlike in Singapore, Hongkies don’t have to pay any GST for their medical expenses or operations.

Apa Ini:
June 19, 2012 at 7:21 pm  Apa Ini(Quote)
In HK, the chief Donald Tsang can be investigated for corruption by ICAC. Try it! Investigate our LEEders in Singapore? Our CPIB just turn blind eyes because CPIB is under the PM office. A real sick joke right? This imply that all others can be investigated except the LEEs.

June 20, 2012 at 12:00 am  Zombie(Quote)
Of course it is! They jailed NKF yong’s wife for 20yrs!

June 20, 2012 at 7:49 am  RDB(Quote)
@henpecked: June 19, 2012 at 12:37 pm (Quote)
You bet, of course HK is better, at least the transport system is way better and efficient, the SAR is much more democratic in thinking, shame on Singapore, or rather our dated Govt.
SG has since 1985 been running on OMO = One Man Operated or more aptly “One Maniac OPERArated” after Dr. Goh Keng Swee & his wise OLD GUARDS left a certain one-legged idiot to become what a certain son he made PM one day declare that his apapa is “The founFING father of Sg” whore! Isn’t self praise international disgrace whore!
And so a hyper-inflated egoist from hyper-INFERIORITY Complex issue book after book to show cause of its LKYism wiseDOOM! NO? What manner of mind will brag at such level AND AS A “mentor” it said is a POSEition given to him by its son whom he made PM when ask by a report? Think those you in that GE2011 60.1% if you HAVEN’T YET realized these natural truths about human beings! As was Mao Zedong smart with his STOP AT ONE? And LKYism did better with “STOP AT 2″ with punitties for poorer citizen to stop produce. Isn’t LKYism ELITIST and NOT a beleiver that intelligence HAS OUTRIGHT and Little TO DO WITH a person’s poverty or lower educational level due to one’s parent’s poverty!
Isn’t LKYism itself A BRAINLESS character in itself!!!


Anti BS:
June 21, 2012 at 11:26 am  Anti BS(Quote)
HK is better because:
- Government not Bull Shit
- Newspapers not Bull Shit
- People smart and daring and if any of the above try to be Bull Shit, they will be kicked out sooner or later.
- Therefore, it follows that there is less Bull Shit around generally
Example: 500,000 people marched in 2003 on 1st July (return of HK to PRC), following year about 400,000 and within a few months Tung Chee Wah is out the door in spite of having very strong support and connections with PRC leadership.
Sinkies, can you do the same? Do you dare?

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