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Being black in China
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Being black in China



jesuispetitpain 845 指標 6小時前
I lived in china for more than two years.One of my friends once arrived at work and told us that during her bus ride anolder Chinese man came to her and asked in Chinese if she were sick and why isher skin that colour? She tried to explain that she was born like that and hewas very dubious, even tried to rub the colour off her arm. He left her bytelling her to take care of herself and giving her a cough lozenge.


Amyjane1203 2 指標 5小時前
Damn, since you mentioned he was old, Iwonder if he grew up in a very rural area or something. I mean even if youNEVER left your house, there are quite a few black actors/actresses you couldsee on TV (if you even have a tv, that is).


LilithSeesAll 2 指標 5小時前
Well... At least he was kind-hearted


redgrin_grumble 139 指標 6小時前
I have a hard time believing there arepeople in China who are not aware that black people exist...


usafonz 247 指標 6小時前
Its true. Shit, I live in south korea andthere are areas that have never seen a black person. I get stared at all the time.I imagine china (a much larger country) to be even more so like that in ruralareas.


unhappyfeels 69 指標 5小時前
Where in ROK? I lived near Seoul and wouldget the occasional stare or picture. When I visited the country side peoplewould follow me around for straight up ten minutes. (Still the best damncountry I've ever been to tho)
But when I went to China, even in the majorcities, people motherfucking FLOCK TO ME. Can't move to feet without hearingsomeone holler "黑人!” like it's a roll call or something.



ScorpioLaw 559 指標 4小時前
A friend toldme a story when he served in the US Army. He was in Germany for some time, andwas riding a train with some others from his unit. One of them happened to beblack.
Well they aretalking when this little German toddler(around four) walks up to his buddy,grabs his arm with a grin, and licks it saying "Schokolade?!" Themother comes running up red faced, embarrassed, and profusely apologizes thebest she can.
Everyone withmy friend started dying laughing, included the guy who was licked.
TL:DR - Thereare cannibals in Germany.




SnapchatMeThatPosey 104 指標 2小時前
In high school my German teacher was afunny older lady. She was a toddler during WWII, only about 5 or 6.
She told us a story about after the war,during the US occupation of Germany. She lived in a tiny village, and herparents sent her on an errand, to get water or something like that. Sheremembers seeing a black GI, and dropping the water pail as she runs homescreaming in fear. She had never seen a black person before.



MsCrazyPants70 5 指標 48 分鐘前*
(回樓上)I grew up in a very white area and had only seen a couple of blackpeople. I thought being the same color as chocolate was the most AWESOME THINGEVER!!! I mean, chocolate is the bestest stuff, and therefore those are thebestest people. My parents got angry with me though for wanting to go play withthe black kids whenever I met any.


beerybeardybear 53 指標 6小時前
china is big and a portion of thepopulation is extremely isolated and rural—this isn't the first time i've heardof stuff like this happening.


assbaring69 102 指標 6小時前
You know that there are Africans who havenever seen a white person or Asian person in their life and would either laughor freak the fuck out if they ever saw one. Now, apply that to Chinese people.There are those people in China, too.
Source: am Chinese


Hot_Wheels_guy 1 指標 2小時前
It's strange because we (Americans) know alot of our high tech electronic communications devices are manufactured inchina. As such it's hard to imagine that a country that has access to that muchtechnology simultaneously has so little tech available to the general publicthat there are people there who have never even turned on a television to see ablack person. Are televisions rare over there? Or do most people have TVs butall the programming only features chinese people? I'm really curious.


Superkroot 8 指標 2小時前
I'm not an experton China, but my understanding is that there's a HUGE cultural andtechnological difference between the rural parts of China and its cities.
Also while themiddle class is growing there, there's still a lot of people who cannot affordluxuries like televisions or electronic communication devices.



bitchtitfucker 5 指標 1小時前
Just came backfrom a China tour, basically everyone everywhere has a smartphone. Hell, I'veseen people as old as my grandparents carrying one around.
They use it tobook things, buy things, pay for things everywhere. It's become one of the mainways of paying in the entire country. They've basically got their own,super-succesful apple pay.



jmlinden7 2 指標 3小時前
Are you referring to AliPay or to WeChatred envelopes?


rodaphilia 10 指標 5小時前
When my girlfriend first left thePhilippines as a little girl, she was in an international airport screaming ather mom to help out the "lady who was burnt".
She was actually just black.



WhySheHateMe 2 指標 4小時前
I follow a half Japanese girl on Youtube.She lives in Japan too and talks about her life there. I'll have to dig up herchannel.
She had a video where she talked aboutgoing to a club and a drunk guy walked up to her and started using slurs andtalking about how she was black.



User1-1A 5 指標 5小時前
I got similar reactions when I was in avery rural part of Chile. I was backpacking and stumbled upon a small town thathappened to be having a Rodeo that day. I go in to where the food and drinksare and a small crowd gathers around me. They were all amazed to see me, a 6'5"white dude, because they had never seen someone so tall before. Theyeven rewarded me with a beer for it. When I rented a room at one of their homesI had to hunch my back because I was taller than the ceiling.


JumpButtons 2 指標 5小時前
This happened to me as a toddler with puffyblonde curls living in Hawaii. It REALLY freaked my mom out the first few timeJapanese tourists picked me up for a photo! Then it just became a family joke.


grubas 1 指標 4小時前
6'3" with auburn hair(was a gloriousmixture of silver and auburn at the time), gf is 5'10" andvery red hair.
We felt really weird in Asia. Think it wasin Thailand where we determined we fulfilled an ancient prophecy of giant fireheaded, pale skinned gods. People would not stop taking pictures or touchinghair, some random guy legitimately asked us if we would give him some hair.When we arrived in the U.K. nobody even blinked.



ramble_tamble 9 指標 5小時前
I was in India with a friend of mine. I’mwhite, she’s black. We are both tall. Everyone wanted to get their picture withus. They would see us across the street and come over with their families tointroduce themselves and pose for pics.
We just rolled with it. We found it veryflattering and enjoyed meeting these new people.


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